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Thread: What shutter is this?

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    Re: What shutter is this?

    Thanks for all the responses - I didn't spot the threads on the shutter connection so assumed I needed a bulb and tubing!

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    Re: What shutter is this?

    Phil - my Silens shutter is slightly older that yours mine is #28423 and look just like your shutter. My shutter has a cable release location that projects out of the side as a silver metal cylinder and on the end with what looks like a nipple. Inside of the nipple is threaded for a cable release. I can't see clearly from your photo but I can see something between the open shut/shutter lever (P, _, A) and the branding lable "Thomas S Day" that looks like it could be the cable release, bulb release location. Note these take a LONG throw cable release. The first time I received mine I cleaned and adjusted it and took a finish nail to verify that the release was working. I use a rubber gasket on the end of my lens to screw the shutter to / and help as a light seal.

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