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Thread: Stay away from Cambridge Camera Exchange!

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    Stay away from Cambridge Camera Exchange!

    Since we all spend so much money on our beloved LF gear here is a heads-up on an on-line supplier that I recently placed (2) orders with for Jobo tanks that I will never receive.

    Their web address is:

    I placed the two orders a week apart and the items were listed as in-stock ready for sale. My personal and credit card information was recorded through their secure server and I received a receipt. Two weeks later I started to wonder where the gear is. I called Cambridge Camera only to find out that they do not have my gear, never did, and they have no idea when or if they ever will! I then asked why did they charge my credit card and why was I never sent an email or telephone call explaining such. (A bunch of crap followed after that).

    I called American Express to have the charges reversed.

    Maybe some of you have had a good experience with Cambridge Camera Exchange, but I have not! I will "Stay Away from their BAD Business Practices" and thought you all should be warned ahead of time.


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    Stay away from Cambridge Camera Exchange!

    Yeah, Cambridge has been no go for many years now. They also go by "AAA" Camera. Lots of warnings on all the photo sites. I've occasionally purchased things from them when I could get them in the shop in person, and it was something otherwise impossible to find. I think they are mail order only now.

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    Stay away from Cambridge Camera Exchange!

    Ah, Ha "AAA" Camera got me on a $475, 35mm lens a few years ago. Luckily like you I got my funds back.

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    Stay away from Cambridge Camera Exchange!

    They moved out of their place on 16th street (where B&H used to be) a year or two ago, so I thought they were gone for good. But of course, just like a New York City cockroach, you can't really kill Cambridge Camera. Too bad, I wish they were gone.

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    Stay away from Cambridge Camera Exchange!

    I haven't bought from them in years. But they used to be the kings of bait and switch. They even would pull it on you if you went into the store.

    The last time I tried to buy from them (probably 15 years ago) they tried to charge me twice for the same item and never delivered either one of them.

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    Stay away from Cambridge Camera Exchange!

    Sounds like Cambridge hasn't changed the least bit in 20+ years.. We all live and learn..

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    Stay away from Cambridge Camera Exchange!

    Got me too.

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    Michael E. Gordon
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    Stay away from Cambridge Camera Exchange!

    this should be in the bookmarks of every photographer:

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    Stay away from Cambridge Camera Exchange!

    Twenty years? My memory of them as sleeze bags goes back 30+!

    BTW another good source to checkout online sellers is

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    Stay away from Cambridge Camera Exchange!

    Believe it or not I bought a new Leica m6 about 15 years ago from AAA at a great price. Still in use today. Guess I just lucked out! But I think AAA is not Cambridge camera but has the same kind of negative reviews. Emile/

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