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Thread: Help me decide: V700, V750, V800, V850

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    Help me decide: V700, V750, V800, V850

    I will soon buy a scanner--an Epson--one of the above models. Are there any particular features in any model that I should be aware of, and perhaps base a 'buy' decision on? And if you have one to sell, I would be interested.
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    Re: Help me decide: V700, V750, V800, V850

    If you are buying new, your options are narrowed down to v800 and v850pro (which is apparently a little fast and comes with more film holders.)

    I'm still happily using a V700. It needs a minute to warm up the lights in it, and it is a dust magnet, but other than that, it's a good scanner.

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    Re: Help me decide: V700, V750, V800, V850

    I use a V750 Pro and like it. For 4x5 film it is a very good piece of scanning hardware. The 35mm film holder leaves alot to be desired. There are some work arounds for this. The 120 film holder is OK. Could be better, and there are some work arounds. As a data capture device I have no complaints about it. I prefer Epson Scan as a driver/interface.

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    Re: Help me decide: V700, V750, V800, V850

    I've used a 750 for a few years and no real complaint other than the fact that the stated resolution capabilities are a bit "optimistic", to say the least. If something in the neighborhood of 2k DPI is good enough for you, you'll like it. I upgraded to an IQsmart but still have the 750. I used Vuescan/Epson Scan - both OK.

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    Re: Help me decide: V700, V750, V800, V850

    I have been using a V700 for 5 years. I like it and it still works fine, despite a big move. Dust has not been a problem. I use it only for film. I use other scanners for anything else.

    I find it useless for 35mm negative. Slides are slightly better. 120 is ok...

    I love how it handles any sheet film from 2X3 to 8X10. I even lay 11X14 on it for a partial scan, I'm sure I could stitch 11X14 into something.

    But I will be buying a V850 later this year. I want the LED lamp, the much faster warmup, the 2 sets of all sizes film holders and the extra software. I might go crazy and spring for the cheap wet mount setup.

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    Re: Help me decide: V700, V750, V800, V850

    Glad Randy mentioned wet mounting - I have tge wet mount setup and I found it quick and easy to wet mount with it. I wet mounted everything. I'd also agree that it isn't great for anything smaller than 120 - I think you need higher resolution for 35mm abd 8mm (Minox)

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    Re: Help me decide: V700, V750, V800, V850

    The V800/850 illuminates with LEDs, no wait to heat up the lamps and no virtually need for calibrations over the years, this is the single improvement over previous model.

    The V850 has over the V800:

    > internal lenses coated, this is an slight advantage in some conditions

    > a second set of holders, you prepare next job while scanning

    > Silverfast SE Plus (intead SF SE, without the "plus") so you have the multi-exposure feature that is very useful for deep shadows in Velvia/Provia slides:

    If you purchase the V800 you can upgrade later to the "Plus" version if you want:

    So I'd go to the 800 or 850 directly, and 850 if you are to scan slides often.

    The Epsons are extremly solid performers for LF, and well correct for MF, see here:

    Some 35mm shots are better scaned with dedicated roll film scanners, and some (rare) velvia shots require a drum scan because no flatbed will do it perfect.

    For color, final result depends more on Photoshop, etc skills.

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