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Thread: 4x5 Camera

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    4x5 Camera

    Interesting 4x5 ...

    "High quality acrylic" construction and "Future plans include both a 6x12 medium format roll film back and a 4x5 wet plate back."

    [NOTE: The 2d photo below shows the design progression from 1st version on the left through the final version on the right.]

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: 4x5 Camera

    I'm continually surprised by how large format just keeps plugging away. Of course what some of these new cameras show is that, there was a price point that had to be hit or people weren't interested. What would be fascinating to know is; if any of the backers/buyers of the various cheaper models move up to more expensive models later? Or just tire-kicking?

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    Re: 4x5 Camera

    I think it's simpler than that, and that is that sheet film cameras are simpler to make... You put a (manufactured) lens & shutter on front, and you slip a CFH in back (no wind mechanism), no electronics, no sensor, no VF, and made without too much assembly from parts from the CNC machine, tap into a "trendy" film market, funding online, and there they go!!!

    (The purple one looks like it came from the 99cent store, from next to the cheap sunglasses, near the (brown) emoji pillows... Hope it's dark in the camera...)

    Steve K

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    Re: 4x5 Camera

    Prototypes of this camera has been presented on this forum. in the "show your LF camera" thread - search for "Chroma" in that thread. Other than that, I am intrigued but I am not sure of the long term durability of the materials used (but that is not exclusive to this particular camera). In general though, the more, the merrier, I'd say.

    Some of the market is probably people already "in there", looking for a light-weight alternative for hiking, for example. I just wish there was a way to get younger ones in, and especially women photographers.

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    Re: 4x5 Camera

    I like the general look of it (did in the 'show your camera' thread) but I can't see how the focussing/film holder works. There is discussion of magnets, but nothing showing how it's done.


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    Re: 4x5 Camera

    Yes, I was going to mention that he posted this in the DIY forum when he was working on it.

    Out of curiosity I looked at the specs on weight - "Lightweight design with a total weight of 1592g" - that's about 3.5 pounds. That's actually way heavier than I expected for such a camera.

    I'm not interested personally but obviously there are plenty who are since they are approaching 3x the goal. Good luck - always good to see new film buyers.
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    Re: 4x5 Camera

    My Chamonix 45N-2 comes in at exactly 1550 grams....
    Peter Collins

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