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Thread: 210mm for 8x10"

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    Origins might be found in the orthodoxy and ideology of Group f64, purity of vision or straight photography.

    Photography is at best an interpretation of an emotional experience in a three dimension world rendered on a flat two dimension plane. This is inherently and by process distortion. Lenses are tools for this interpretive process. Greater the variety of tools, greater the possible results of the interpretive process, limit the tools limits this interpretive process.


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    One thing of interest that I noticed is LF photographers' dislike for what they self-defiine as "distortion". Of course every lens distorts in some regard, and extreme wide angles are simply delivering what your eyes actually see, IF you were paying attention, so this seems very arbitrary. The other thing I don't get is how an entire wing of photograph has branded one particular aspect of vision as distasteful and illegitimate. It doesn't make much sense.

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    Re: 210mm for 8x10"

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    What is "Fine Art" ?


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