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Thread: Are there any services you can recommend to print good quality digital negatives?

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    Are there any services you can recommend to print good quality digital negatives?

    I have been enjoying LF photography for several years now, and especially climbing the learning curve on B&W print making. I have been generally aware of the process for making digital negatives to use in making contact B&W prints on silver or whatever other papers, and recently visited with another very experienced LF photographer friend in my area who showed me the steps he follows (ending with printing of the negative on Pictorico white film for contact printing). However, I am hesitant to take the plunge to purchase a decent inkjet printer (e.g., Epson P800) for this and other printing purposes, as I wouldn't expect to be using it all that much and that often - and I read too much here about the miseries of keeping such inkjet printers going due to ink clogs (etc.). It is clear from the many threads on this Forum re digital negatives that many/most photographers prefer to make their own digital negatives, so they can have that extra control of the process and its output, but for me I'm thinking I'd rather use a good service if one exists? I have scanners for my MF and LF films, and am proficient enough in Lightroom and Photoshop, so I'm wondering if there any good labs or services available that will print quality digital negatives based on edited digital files that one uploads over the web? Thank you in advance for any guidance in this regard.
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    Re: Are there any services you can recommend to print good quality digital negatives?

    chicago Albumen Works

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