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Thread: iPhone strobe transmitter?

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    Re: iPhone strobe transmitter?

    Pere, thanks, Tric seems like it might be the "trick". If I understand correctly, the Tric unit fires a speedlight attached to its hot shoe. In principle it should also fire a PocketWizard, for example a Plus II unit. The unit also has a PC port, so it should work. It seems from the FCC notice in the manual, that connectivity between iPhone and Tric is via Bluetooth.

    This is what I am looking for. Now to find time to dabble with it!

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    Re: iPhone strobe transmitter?

    Tric does look interesting. It includes manual control of the iOS Phone. Which is obviously necessary. I sometimes use a couple older iOS camera apps with full manual.

    I'm sure you can adapt as necessary. I used a cheap intervalometer to run an SB 800 strobe 3 years ago. I needed a gobo to flash from my roof. Worked great. Plug and Play.

    Those Elwood domes come in handy.

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    Re: iPhone strobe transmitter?

    But finding a used/working radio slave on the auction site shouldn't be too much, and more straightforward to use...

    Steve K

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