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Thread: Worldwide Large Format Photography Contest

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    Worldwide Large Format Photography Contest

    Hi everyone,

    I'm passing on an announcement of a contest for large format photographers.
    Judges will be Bruce Barnbaum, Urs BernHard, Stefan Maria Rother, Feng Jianguo, and Detlef Grosspietsch.

    The primary sponsors are Jobo, Chamonix, and Arca-Swiss, along with other notables which are known in the large-format photo industry, are joining forces to promote, celebrate, and carry forward the cultural heritage of analogue large-format photography. Prizes of more than 20,000 are on offer. The mission of the sponsors:
    TOGETHER we want to enable great photographic ARTWORK in large format.

    All finalists will be represented at the KOELNER LISTE (Art Cologne 2019)

    Each candidate can send 1 photo or a small series of up to 3 analog prints from negatives shot with a large format camera (any format from 4x5 to 20x24).

    Open Genre: Architecture, Landscape, Still Life, Portrait, People, Contemporary...

    Deadline: Due at JOBO at the latest on May, 31 - 2018.
    We accept only analog prints from size 8x10 to 20x24 sent by traditional postal mail to JOBO artisan, Koelner Str. 58a, 51645 Gummersbach, Germany*.

    More information here:

    Rod Klukas
    US Representative
    Arca-Swiss International

    Digital Camera Solutions including R-series Technical Cameras, Large Format View Cameras and Ballheads. 480-755-3364

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    Re: Worldwide Large Format Photography Contest

    Interesting, thanks for posting the information.

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    Re: Worldwide Large Format Photography Contest

    Great I hope to enter this , I love the fact real prints rather than jpegs are being seen.

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    Re: Worldwide Large Format Photography Contest

    Nice news !!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Rod Klukas View Post
    Urs BernHard,
    Just I'd like to also mention that I've long been following Urs Bernhard, I found inspiration in his work:

    He has a portrait I like a lot of Mr Toshihiro Oshima (

    This is Urs by Oshima:

    And this is Oshima by Urs:

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    Re: Worldwide Large Format Photography Contest

    Conditions have been specified by jobo. In my translation (not perfekt, for binding conditions look yourself please):

    Requested are captures made by adjustable large format camera 9x12 cm/4x5 inch or more on plane film (or collodion negativ). No roll film.
    Final pictures must be made by light („from grain to grain“), not by ink.

    That means, black and white must be printed on light-sensitive paper,
    color must be from C 41 to RA-4 (whatever that means) or diapositive, or colour print from dia via film internegativ.
    „noble prints“ such as platinum, are accepted, when done without digital steps

    capture must be made personally, printing by third party is allowed.
    Original diapositives and other unikates will be sent back.
    Normal prints will not be sent back.

    best regards,
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    Re: Worldwide Large Format Photography Contest

    I noticed all images had to be done in last two years... counts me out I use a camera once every few years to get my inventory of images to print at later date... too Bad I would have entered this one.

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