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Thread: Looking for my first 8x10, suggestions?

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    Re: Looking for my first 8x10, suggestions?

    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Pardon the gratuitous snips.

    Deardorff is the overweight, disengeered (to create a word) camera akin to a full-dresser Harley-Davidson compared to any same year BMW, and I've had several of each.
    So you won't be asking much when you sell it! So how much do you want for it? Feel free to PM me! L
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    Re: Looking for my first 8x10, suggestions?

    Quote Originally Posted by Luis-F-S View Post
    So you won't be asking much when you sell that piece of garbage! So how much do you want for it? Feel free to PM me! L
    I price to sell. It will probably be 50% of a comparable posted to the big auction site, but I have to find some way to make pictures of it first. It's below Zero F in my studio - which is really the back yard.

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    Re: Looking for my first 8x10, suggestions?

    I bought my Zone VI 8x10 (lightly) used in 1995 -- been quite happy with it. I have abused it over the years, but it keeps on working just fine. Not a great super-wide angle camera -- too much bellows, but can easily handle a 600mm (24") lens. I do need to tighten up a couple things before I go out next time, but just made a couple 8-minute exposures yesterday and everything seemed to stay in place -- hopefully develop this week, but I have a backlog of 120 film, also!

    Not a light-weight camera, but not too bad. Fourteen pounds, maybe. It is the glass that can put on the pounds. The Fuji W 360 is 1.5 kilos (3.3 pounds)! Yesterday I could have saved a few pounds on my back and left the 360mm behind (and a couple film holders), and just taken the Fuji Ws 250mm/6.7 and 300mm/5.6. But you never know!

    A nice tight 2D would be nice, but I have enjoyed the Zone VI and am glad I got it. I have used 2D and Deardorff 8x10s.
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    Re: Looking for my first 8x10, suggestions?

    I would suggest to get a Rittreck view 5x7 camera with the 8x10 back extension. It gives you the option of a versatile 5x7 and can become 8x10 easily.

    With the amount of budget you won’t get a decent 8x10 field camera, I had done that search two years ago and all the cameras offered to me are over 1500usd...also the cost of film holder is not that cheap either, plus a steady tripod and head. On the other hand a 5x7 shooting kit is so much more portable than 10x8 and you get a decent contact print size.

    I jumped straight into 8x10 from 4x5 with paper negative and 6 film holders, the result is worth it, but lugging all those gear around really becomes too much in the end. Then I discovered 5x7, which is cheaper to shoot and so portable..

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    Re: Looking for my first 8x10, suggestions?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Galli View Post
    My pictures speak for themselves. That old Kodak holds still for long seconds at a time. And I am allergic to wind, so we are well matched. My argument, compelling as it may seem, is only one in a thousand just like it I suppose. Still, the pictures produced speak volumes at this point.
    If I were in the OP's shoes, I'd give this one a good hard look. Just sayin'
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    Re: Looking for my first 8x10, suggestions?

    Quote Originally Posted by paulbarden View Post
    I’m with Jim on this: if I were looking for a first (and perhaps only) 8x10 camera I would jump on that 2D/Dagor listing
    ++1! if you consider the value of the lens, the camera is almost free!!!! Just add film holders and film and you're good to go!

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    Re: Looking for my first 8x10, suggestions?

    Quote Originally Posted by ottluuk View Post
    Doesn't it look more like a Linhof Kardan Master TL (or similar Linhof model) rather than a Horseman? If so, that would be on the heavy side compared to many other monorail cameras.
    On careful examination, I agree that it is likely a Linhof. The Horseman used one of two front standards. One was a cylinder that supported the 4x5 front standard. The other was a large L shaped standard with a square corner. The camera pictured has a round corner typical of Linhof design. Both the Linhof and Horseman are very heavy but also very sturdy. Thanks for the correction.

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    Re: Looking for my first 8x10, suggestions?

    Thanks for all the suggestions guys! That 2D was mighty tempting and almost pulled the trigger, but have decided to go DIY instead. I know it was against one of my initial requirements, but i just couldn't find something i particularly wanted at a price i was willing to pay... so something's gotta give. I've picked up a cambo front standard which can ride on any 1x1" tube (i'll be using 8020 as my rail). Will order a bellows from ebay (was just planning on buying a replacement bellows for a cambo 8x10). So i just need to make the back frame, back end of the bellows frame, and film back. I plan on basically copying the woodyman/intrepid film back since that seems reasonably simple, just need to figure out how big to make the frame to accommodate an existing bellows design before i start making the back frame (see other thread ). will be doing zero movements on my back for now, and just rely on the front movements. Will post back as it comes together and final cost! I've got 2 weeks before the kids get back from a trip with their mom... not sure i'll quite make it, but we'll see!

    oh, and i remember now, that camera in the picture was a Linhof. it weighed a ton.

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