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Thread: Starter LF Lens

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    Re: Starter LF Lens

    Suggest getting a 210mm f5.6 most anything modern from any of the major four Rodenstock, Nikor, Schneider, Fujinon. There are plenty of these available used in very nice condition both shutter and glass. None should be more than $200 USD max.

    First lens must have a reliable-accurate shutter with know optical performance, anything less will cause significant grief and makes the learning process more difficult. First lens problems will also waste a LOT of film, chemistry and time with the potential for a great deal of frustration trying to figure out what went wrong.

    Do get the lens on the camera serviced. Shutter cleaned, lubed, adjusted, glass properly cleaned. This will serve as a second lens for this camera.

    Camera and lens aside there are other must haves like a good tripod, light tight film holders, light meter, focusing loupe, dark cloth to allow ground glass viewing, cable release and transport case. These basic items are equally important as camera-lens.

    Then we have film. Suggest sticking with one specific film brand and type until LF image making skills are up the learning curve. Keep this initial step up the learning curve simple and basic.


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    Re: Starter LF Lens

    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    You already have good advice regarding a lens. I add two more. First, the lens might be restored with a CLA (clean,lube,adjustment), and a reducing back to 4x5" opens opportunities for more available films.
    couldn't agree more, ...

    Quote Originally Posted by alechosterman View Post
    Have any recommendations on who might look at it for a cleaning?

    in ri we have 3 shops that can probably fix your shutter
    midstate camera repair
    zacks camera repair
    sk grimes
    all 3 do fantastic work
    ( i have used all three )
    good luck !
    ps if you don't find a reducing back and want
    a toho reducing film HOLDER i have one i can sell you
    it works great ! and takes up less space /is less filling than a giant 5x7/4x5 reducing back )

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    Re: Starter LF Lens

    Quote Originally Posted by xkaes View Post
    A minor correction. The Fujinon W (and SW) lenses with inside lettering were not EBC coated. The only Fujinons with inside lettering and EBC coating were the early SWD lenses.
    Absolutely. My mistake I meant outside lettering! The later ones have a 67mm filter ring with better coatings but there are other versions. All is explained in the link I shared earlier.

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