In a recent post on building a dual lens stereo camera, Struan offered a suggestion regarding LCD shutters. This really peaked my interested. I did a bit of research and have found some very interesting things about this technology. For my application, the benefit would be perfect lens sync, no vibration, no mechanical movements. Very appealling indeed. If Sinar uses them, they must be effective? I am curious about these shutters in photographic applications and possibly someone can answer some questions or lead me to more information on such.

1. It appears the aperture can be built into the shutter? Sort of LCD apeture?

2. From what I have read, it seems light loss when shutter is open is about 1.5 stops? This is a high price to pay for no vibration in most applications, which might be why they remain a niche item.

3. Other then Sinar, are these shutters being implemented on still cameras?

4. In general, it appears these shutters would add lots of cost, and very little benefit for most photographic applications. But in super high resolution photography, it appears the lack of vibration will produce gains in recorded resolution?

As an alternative, I would like to use a vibration limited focal plane shutter behind the lens, but have not had good luck in finding new versions of such. It seems the speed graphics were the last cameras to use them on 4x5 format, which is the size I would need to cover the back ends of both lenses. They also seem to produce a lot of vibration/ TYIA