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Coverage doesn't change when stopped down?
Sounds odd doesn't it. I must investigate further. All I can say is I've exposed 4 negatives. 2 of the images, which had movements, got clipped on one corner. The all of the above were exposed at F45, except one. I forgot to stop the lens down. The image exposed at F9 had clean corners.

Today when I was making additional exposures I added rear tilt and when viewing the ground glass from the lens opening, I could preview that the one corner was being blocked again. I straightened out the rear and all four corners were visible from the lens again. So I stopped down to f45 again and am hoping it'll be enough DOF for 15ft - infinity. I hope that makes sense.

So my observations so far are that the Hexanon GRII 260mm covers 7x17, at all F stops with minimal or no movements. It was really hot today. I'll be playing around with it more next week.