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Thread: A Little Out of Order

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    A Little Out of Order

    A big hello from Austin to everyone at LFPF,
    I got ahead of myself and before noticing this introduction section, already posted a question (which some kind people were nice enough to answer for me).
    Well I'm here now and figured introducing myself is only the polite thing to do. Like some of you I've been a serious hobbyist for many years, but unlike many of you I'm brand new to large format. While I have experience with both 135 and 120 (and of course the ubiquitous digital) I am completely new to 4x5 and am looking forward to jumping in.
    This seems to be the part of the introduction where most people say what their gear is, and for me thats a Calumet CC-400 (which I carefully disassembled painted and reassembled, the deals you can get because of a little dirt and bad paint amaze me) and a Fujinon W 210 5.6 (the one with the writing on the inside of the filter ring) in a Copal No.1(?).
    I Develop BW and C41 at home, and am a big advocate for C41 stand development as long as your post workflow is digital.
    I also have a website I use to share my photos ( ), no 4x5's up there yet though!
    After a while of lurking (not too long I promise!) I look forward to playing a more active roll in my education on this forum, now that I am a member, and hopefully some day being able to give advice back to this wonderful community.
    Thanks for reading,

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    Re: A Little Out of Order

    Thanks for posting, and welcome!

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    Re: A Little Out of Order

    Welcome to the LFPF Graeme!

    Glad to have you in the fold and look forward to your contributions. Loads of decent folk here willing to share what info we have and then some.

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    Re: A Little Out of Order

    That's how I started. Experience with 135, 120 and a little bit of digital at that time. I also started with an old 4x5 Cambo SC monorail. I eventually ended up with an 8x10. Besides 4x5, your Fujinon will also cover 5x7 and even 8x10 with a little movement if you ever get the itch to go larger.

    Welcome to the forum. We are glad to have you, Graeme!


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    Re: A Little Out of Order

    Welcome. 4x5 is a great format to start with and one that many people stick with indefinitely. The LF home page has much useful information.

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    Re: A Little Out of Order

    Welcome to the forum, Graeme.

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    Re: A Little Out of Order

    Thanks for the kind welcomes everyone, I look forward to contributing.

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    Re: A Little Out of Order

    Welcome, I would be curious to hear more bout stand developing c41. is there a resource/reference you recommend?
    stawastawa at gmail

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    Re: A Little Out of Order

    I follow the directions from this post . I don't seem to get the odd colors some of their example images exhibit.
    Sometimes I do a semi stand with a few agitations half way through to help ensure even development if I have big patches of a continuous light color, like the sky (the occasional uneven development is why I only recommend this for a digital post work flow). I also always blix at manufacturer recommended temperatures and times because I'm too impatient to wait an hour.
    I normally have very good results with nice color, even development and lots of shadow detail.
    Most of the time, when present, the uneven development is running down from 35mm sprocket holes, reminiscent of bromide drag, so the smooth edges of 120 (and in theory LF, I have no experience to say) are ideal for this type of processing.
    I also just process at room temperature which for me tends to be 68f. Its the easiest way to do color, and I much prefer it than trying to stabilize the temperature of all my chemicals in the bathtub.

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    Re: A Little Out of Order

    Good to see something fresh! I like your Orange Reversal. Somewhere I have a 35-year-old VHS version, 'Gazing Ball Reconstruction'. I sat on my friend's favorite Gazing Ball and we spent a night putting Humpty Dumpty back together. Hours of hands, glass and superglue. Definitely NOT ART.



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