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Thread: Hosemaster problem

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    Hosemaster problem

    Does anyone use a hosemaster and could give me clues on why the synthetic optic fiber melts ?K

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    Hosemaster problem

    finger oils on the end of the fiber optic that goes next to the bulb will heat up and melt the fiber optic tips.

    It will smell badly also.

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    Hosemaster problem

    Thanks! Interesting. I have renewed the end of the fiber and tried again, same p roblem. Found out that the heat absorbing glass was missing, ordered a new one, fixed the fiber but again, after two or three minutes: smell! Called Calumet and they wanted to sell me a new fiber. Wondered if a glass end put onto the fiber would help it resist but don't know where to get one. The new hoses, I have been told have a glass end. I don't know if mine had one that got lost. If finger prints are enough to initiate the melting, perhaps my mere repol ishing was not good enough. Haven't been able to do something with the device for more than a year! If I was certain to work with it, I would buy a new hose. Expensive...

    Have new email!

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