Hiya all, I'm looking at buying another lighter 8x10" camera without going completely overboard with the price. I am using a 8x10" Korona at the moment but that thing is a sumo, a real nightmare to schlep about.

Would gravitate instantly to a Chamonix, owning a 4x5 version and loving it, but don't really want to pay close to 3k with postage and duties. Have seen how difficult it is to get one 2nd hand here too!

So I'm now looking at a Gibellini WAN and a Svedovsky. Both a similar weight and price. Prefer the more classic look of the latter but realize it has no rear swing. Does this really matter when the front has swing?

Anything else I should consider? Other camera options in the $2000 and lower range?

Cheers, Gareth