Hope all is well.

I recently got a Jobo Duolab which I am very excited about although it is outdated. I am a complete noob to the Jobo world and in need of some assistance. There is very, very little info on the web with some of the questions I have. I had to mail a few Jobo suppliers to get the manual, which, is not very informative either.

Unfortunately, the Duolab did not come with chemical bottles and I would like to buy some. Which bottles can I buy to replace them? And are the chemical bottles universal or does the Duolab have specific bottles?

However, it did come with 3 small developing tanks (can't remember the model names) - 2 with cogs and 1 with a manual developing lid.
I would like to add an extension to it to develop more than 1 roll of film at a time. What should I get?

In the manual, I noticed that the bottles need to be screwed into the developing tank during the developing stage. Is this a necessity or can on pour the chemicals in and put some sort of lid on to prevent the chemicals from pouring out.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks and have a great day/evening!

South Africa