Using my Sinar as a scanning bed with a light pad clamped to the front axis and DSLR mounted to the rear standard.

Scanned a section of a 4x5 Portra 160 negative. There's no question that the Canon is sharper. It's capturing a lot more detail. What remains to be seen is if the DSLR scan actually looks better when stitched. The Portra negative was shot with the intention of being a black and white image so I haven't attempted any CC on color negatives.

I use an epson v850 and almost always scan at 3200 dpi. Once again , in terms of sharpness, it clearly favors the 5dsR. Dynamic range for the few negatives I worked with appeared to be similar.

The DSLR scan has more noise similar to drum scanners.

I've gotten some great results with Silverfast AI studio with color and the profiling system so I'm not declaring this to be the holy grail of home brewed film scanning.