Ok guys, I have never purchased or even used any photo manipulating software before but it is the final piece of the digital puzzle I need to get right.
Many years ago I used to shoot on Contax 35mm and a MPP mk8 5x4 and print in a darkroom using a Durst 138 which I understood.
Having now quite recently returned to photography I find that things have changed somewhat so I have, to the bewilderment of my friends, decided that I still want to shoot film but print digitally. This has a lot to do with available space for a darkroom with running water and drainage which I don't have.
My current set-up is:
Fuji GF670 6x7
Wilderness V 10x8
Jobo CPE2
Howtek D4500 running Aurora from a Powermac G4
Epson SC-P800 running from Windows 10

I guess that Lightroom is the obvious choice for negative processing but also that it is now moving to a subscription model for £10/month which is something I would prefer not to do.
So, the options I seem to have are:
- A retail copy of Lighroom 6 which I can buy for £110 but, I presume, will not be supported or upgraded in the future
- Affinity at £49
- ACDSEE from $60 upwards
- Macphun Luminaire £53
- Maybe a Silverfast product (any suggestions?) which I could possibly get bundled with Silverfast 6.6 and upgrade the scanner software at the same time but I think that would be Euro400 but there are quite a few choices

Like I said, I have zero experience with any system so I am not tied to any system, and I don't own a digital camera so don't need any features that are specifically for digital.

As always, your guidance and opinions are appreciated.