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Thread: ? Adobe Lightroom Classic or CC

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    ? Adobe Lightroom Classic or CC

    I am about to renew my Adobe contract.

    I see we now have 2 Lightrooms, Classic (6) or CC. Below is a link to a good dissection.

    What say ye?

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    Re: ? Adobe Lightroom Classic or CC

    I would either buy the current version of Lightroom 6 or subscribe to "Lightroom Classic CC". I would not subscribe to the new "Lightroom CC" which has disabled features otherwise available and requires that you store you images in Adobe's cloud and not on your hard drive.

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    Re: ? Adobe Lightroom Classic or CC

    I use both on my mobile devices and laptop. LR Classic CC is better compared to the mobile LR CC if a laptop is available. LR Classic CC is easier when processing multiple photos. I processed 40 photos last night on my laptop with Classic CC that I would not like to do with LR CC. FWIW I prefer mobile LR CC to Snapseed, and it processes RAW files on a mobile device.

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    Re: ? Adobe Lightroom Classic or CC

    I'm betting that LR Classic will eventually be dropped in favor of the cloud based apps. At that time, if Adobe doesn't restructure their storage offerings--10GB with the Photography Plan is pitiful--I'll be looking toward other solutions.

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