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Thread: Intrepid 8x10"

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    Intrepid 8x10"

    Hi all,
    Has anyone reveived an Intripid 8x10" camera yet? Anyone care to post a simple review of sorts?

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    Re: Intrepid 8x10"

    Hi Tim,
    I did not order an 8x10 but I did just receive my 4x5 and I am more then pleased with it. When it came, it had a couple of quirks that were an easy fix; one of the posts for the front standard was slightly bent which was my biggest irritation (I fairly easily bent it back straight) Also inside the track of those posts there was an imperfection that made rise and fall difficult. I again was able to fix the problem by sanding it slightly. Other then those two issues I love my camera! Haven't put it down for the week that I've had it. The movements took me a while to get used to but now I seem to have them down to a T.
    I have to imagine that the 8x10 is going to be a larger version of the 4x5 with a rear standard tilt. If you did order an 8x10 expect it to take a while. Last I heard nobody has received it yet and because of Intrepid's warehouse move expect delayed responses.
    Hope this helps!

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    Re: Intrepid 8x10"

    Thanks for the reply! It's great you love your camera, despite the impoerfections it arrived with, and that there are many camera options for people who want to get into LF.

    I guess your response has validated a few fears for me regarding build quality from the factory. On one hand for the price it doesn't pay to be too fussy–especially if some things are easily fixed with basic things like sandpaper–but on the other I want to buy something I can depend on, day in day out. I'll eagerly await user reports when the cameras finally stary shipping.

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