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...Far from being limiting I found B&W opens up a new way of looking at the world in shapes and shades, whereas I now find color is more the limitation as the abundance of man made yucky colors prove a distraction.

Precisely !

From my website:
"Black & White photography is a favorite. It presents an abstraction of the subject.
Without color, there is no veneer to distract from design and form."


Started with B&W in the late 60's and soon moved to large format and still with it, darkroom and all.
Took a course in early Photoshop in the early 90's and hated it. Too early then to get decent digital results, especially compared to large format.

About 8 years ago, revisited digital cameras and saw the great potential for certain types of work. In recent years, I forced myself to be more "conversant" in color because digital makes it so available and relatively user friendly, (despite the learning curve). I also found that once I really learned and understood Photoshop, I was able to achieve very pleasing results in all types of prints.

Today, I still maintain a darkroom and my passion is still large format B&W. Occasional color (digital).
I scan most negatives, post process in Photoshop and print mostly with archival inkjet.

While many peers have told me I'm an excellent darkroom printer, at this stage I believe my prints are far better in comparison to prints I'd make in the traditional wet darkroom. I attribute this success to developing a proficiency in PhotoShop and post processing techniques.

I realize there's significant divergence of opinion about printing methods, but the above works well for me.