I have seen a number of Frankenstein lenses, mostly just rear and front lens cells were from different Petzval makers, but this one has two brass engravings of different nationalities and (probably) lens designs. The back half (sleeve, flange and rear part of the barrel) is one of the early Busch Petzvals when he was still based in Prussia, rather than Unified Germany. The front part is engraved Aldis (registered by the auctioneer as Alsis). The two barrels are joined together by a series of screws through the barrels where they oveylap. The auctioneer says there is a central lens too. Now as the lenses have a diameter of 11.5cm, this would be an interesting item IF the central lens was the front achromat of the very large original Petzval. But of little interest, unless someone is missing some parts from a similar Busch, if the central lens is part of the Aldis. I suppose that Aldis might have adapted the lens themselves to cater for someone special wishes.