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I'm not sure what seeing images from both focal lengths would accomplish, unless they were of the same subject. How many people ever shot the same scene using two lenses of such similar FL? I know I haven't. Just seeing an image taken with a 135 is only meaningful if you know the subject matter, can visualize the position from where the image was made and several other variables.
Hello Michael !

Sorry, maybe I wasn't precise enough when I was writing what I would have liked to accomplish with this post. I didn't mean to see the same image shot with two different lenses. And I am not interested in image circle or resolution either.
For me the sense of my post was to be able to see images (landscapes/portraits) shot with both focal lengths, to see what kind of feel they have. If there is no difference between 135 and 150, as someone suggests, then there is no difference between a 150 and a 180, and then there's no difference either between a 180 and a 210 either !