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Thread: Which Gitzo tripod to get?

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    Re: Which Gitzo tripod to get?

    I've been using a Gitzo G-1347 in conjunction with an Arc Swiss z1sp head for 10 years now with heavy MF (6x7 Pentax), 4x5 technical field (Toyo AX) and 8x10 technical field (Toyo MII) without a negative. At just under 5 lbs the tripod is relatively light, sturdy and well balanced, folds compactly and for my height (5'9/10") doesn't require a center column. If I extend the 4 legs to their fullest I will need something to stand on to see the ground glass. A three-way head is a good idea with the 8x10 but it only takes a few seconds to balance with the Arca head that I can't justify the extra cost, weight, or convenience of the ball head. For the 8x10 GII and 4x5 Robos, I use another tripod that has a 3-way head and center column.


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    Re: Which Gitzo tripod to get?

    I use a #3 series studex for my 4x5 and a #4 series giant for my heavy 8x10. They have been work-horses. I have had the studex since the 1970's

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