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Thread: RE: Schneideritis

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    Re: Schneideritis

    Regarding "Schneideritis", no fungus comes in play.
    Real Schneideritis seems to be a bit more than only missig some colour.
    What I have seen are spots between the colour (which seems to be , as said before, more a coating than a painting) and the glass, but the coatings themselves has been fine.
    This eventually means that this coating reacts in anyway with the glass over the time.
    This further may result in tiny holes .

    Once I had to open an Angulon with rattling lenscells, and this are some impressions from inside:

    Attachment 170240

    Attachment 170241

    So far, and well known.
    But in looking from another perspective, I would not say that Schneideritis isn't causing problems in some cases:
    Attachment 170242

    Unfortunately the client didn't want decoating me the black coating, and he has not tried this lens after my restoring - but I really expect some problems.


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    Re: Schneideritis

    Quote Originally Posted by BrianShaw View Post
    My 210 Symmar-S has a considerable amount of Schneideritis (more than the 300 that SepiaReverb is selling) and I've never been able to see any affect on the images. Most of my exposure is at bigger apertures.
    Nor have I seen it affect things on that 300.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ari View Post
    No effect on IQ, just on resale value.
    And there's Fuji-itis as well.
    And Minoltaitis, I had a Minolta 28 lens in M mount for many years, from the CLE, that also had lots of spots around the edge that I never could see an effect from either.

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