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Thread: Large Format Camera suggestions:?

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    Re: Large Format Camera suggestions:?

    Here is an INCOMPLETE page with a table listing MOST of the FOLDING WOODEN 4X5 FIELD cameras -- current and past.

    Although it is not finished, it has many of the features of these cameras for easy comparison. It is useful to understand what features to look for in a camera, as well as, what cameras have been and are being made.

    There are many other 4x5 cameras that are NOT folding, or NOT wooden, or BOTH, which of course, are not listed on this table.

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    Re: Large Format Camera suggestions:?

    I think you lost the OP long ago...

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    Re: Large Format Camera suggestions:?

    Also consider your favorite lens focal lengths and see if a particular camera you are interested in will be able to handle those focal lengths. If you are OK with using only "normal" focal length lenses to start then itís not as much of an issue. However, some people have a favorite focal length equivalent to a 20mm lens on a full frame or 35mm film camera, others may like longer lenses like the equivalent of a 100mm lens in 35mm film terms. The more "extreme" kinds of focal length lenses will work best with particular cameras. All the best, John

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    Re: Large Format Camera suggestions:?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tim Meisburger View Post
    I think you lost the OP long ago...
    +1, no sign of him!

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    Re: Large Format Camera suggestions:?

    +2 re missing OP

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