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Thread: 1920s Cameras--What's Available?

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    Re: 1920s Cameras--What's Available?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Sampson View Post
    O. Winston Link also used a Graflex Graphic View II. A fine machine, but a post-WWII camera, Then again, Link was working in the 1950s. And you will likely prefer something with a viewfinder for the work you have in mind.

    I got to looking at two photos I have of Link & cameras, and they were both the Graphlex View. That makes sense since he would have needed more movements for some shots, and obviously wouldn't use the FP shutter for synced shots. So, I'm narrowing down to preanniversary Graphic, the little National Graphic, or maybe a Zeiss Miroflex. I'm in no hurry to buy but do a fair amount of research before I do. What would also work is to put a couple of my 1920s lenses into Copal 0 or 1, with 1/500s shutter.

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    Re: 1920s Cameras--What's Available?

    Depends if you want a period prop or a shooter...

    I'm restoring another Pacemaker SG right now to be able to use a 65mm f8 JML WA barrel lens, and my 400mm f4.5 Dally barrel (true telephoto) on it... It's nice that the drop bed with coupled inner body track makes it super easy to focus the WA, the tele is a nice combo with good extension, the FP shutter is a bit smoother than the older cameras and faster to set (with modern speed settings), have a Graflok back, and the curtains + bellows are possibly newer/later... And the camera can be opened quickly, and start shooting just by feel when in a hurry... Not so much movements, but the speed for shooting gives it an edge when there is something moving out there...

    I think it would be very good for your trains...

    Steve K

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