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Thread: Filter identification required.

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    Filter identification required.


    I came across these filters on the bay, as I need a 120mm filter for my LF lens when in the forest shooting, it's purely to protect the lens against potential scratches.

    The seller had no idea as to the origin of the filters.

    I think perhaps they are soviet but can't be sure. I don't know if they are for photographic or military use? It would be great to find out as if it's going to degrade the image then I won't use them.

    The glass isn't coated, as you should be able to see from the image it's kind of greenish, like window glass.

    So I guess my real concern is that would using the filter be detrimental to the final image??

    There's a green filter too which, as I'll be shooting b&w in the forest, should be useful for lightening the foliage, again only if it's not going to degrade the final image.

    Any info appreciated!

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