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Thread: Remembering OLIVER GAGLIANI

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    Re: Remembering OLIVER GAGLIANI

    Thanks, amazing work. The way he feels space, and even finds a sense of space and light in abstract subjects is very interesting.

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    Re: Remembering OLIVER GAGLIANI

    Very nice work, indeed.

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    Re: Remembering OLIVER GAGLIANI

    In addition to Oliver being an exceptionally talented artist, he was also a uniquely kind person.
    "We work in the dark, we do what we can, we give what we have."
    Henry James

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    Re: Remembering OLIVER GAGLIANI

    Oliver always wanted to be a musician. However he lost part of his hearing in the war which made that path impossible. He found in photography many of the qualities he found in music. When he saw a Paul Strand show in San Francisco he was hooked. I got to know him through one of his workshops in Virginia City and own some of his photographs. He was a great photographer and a great human being!
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    Re: Remembering OLIVER GAGLIANI

    I believe that I ran into him at Welte's tavern back in the , '80's when I lived in South San Francisco.


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