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Thread: W.A. Enlarger Lens for 5X7?

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    Re: W.A. Enlarger Lens for 5X7?

    Quote Originally Posted by xkaes View Post
    You are absolutely right that I have no experience with the WA 120mm. I'll have to trust you on the other part, since all I have is a 135mm Fujinon EX and a 150mm G-Componon -- so I have no reason to "try out" the WA 120mm, anytime soon.

    But the original question was about a wider lens for 5x7 -- and the Rodenstock literature lists the WA 120mm for 4x5".
    You brought up the 135 and 150mm 45 lenses.

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    Re: W.A. Enlarger Lens for 5X7?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Salomon View Post
    You brought up the 135 and 150mm 45 lenses.
    Yes, only as an example of using different lenses for a particular format -- and some reasons to use one over the other. I could have used 40mm vs 60mm lenses for 35mm, just as well. Computar made enlaring lenses for full frame 35mm film from 25mm f2.8 (9 elements in 7 groups) to 65mm f3.5 (6 elements in 4 groups). Of the 25mm (no, it is NOT designed for half-frame), they state:

    "The severe illumination fall off, common with most wide angle lenses, is not present with the Computar 25."

    But what do they know? They only make enlarging lenses!

    I was not trying to suggest using lenses designed for 4x5" with 5x7".
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