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Thread: How many of you were taught (in LF) ?

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    Re: How many of you were taught (in LF) ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Jones View Post
    However, my many mistakes along the way have been educational, too.
    Folks always learn from their mistakes.

    That's why I'm a genius.

    - Leigh
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    Re: How many of you were taught (in LF) ?

    I started out in High School with a Pentax K1000 then quickly moved on to medium format, then went commercial to support my hobby. Like the world's oldest profession, first I did it to please myself, then to please my friends, and finally for money. In the 1980's I became aware of Fred Picker, and read every one of his Newsletters. I still use several of his tools in the darkroom, then I took one of his workshops in the late 1980's. At around the same time, I met a fellow photographer not too far from me who worked in 8x10 and 8x20 and introduced me to Deardorffs and Dagors. At that point, there was no turning back. After Freddie's workshop, I took a 2 week workshop taught by Olive Gagliani and then the Photographing Buildings Inside and Out workshop by Norman McGrath. This was a commercial workshop, but using view cameras. I followed that by teaching B&W photography at our local community college for some 12 years until I got burned out! So there you have it, I still have the Deardorffs and Dagors and thoroughly enjoy photography, plus I've made a pretty good living at it for the past 40 or so years!

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    Re: How many of you were taught (in LF) ?


    I took a week-long workshop with Steve Simmons at The Santa Fe Workshops in the 1990s.

    Took a week-long workshop with Jerry Spagnoli at The Montana Workshops in the early 2Ks.

    Is thet "studying under" someone?
    Drew Bedo

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