Hi All,
We just picked up an old Linotype 2560 flatbed scanner and without doing anything much we have made some very nice scans on 8x10 negatives, but I'm wondering if anyone in the group has used one of these and has some experience with them and can give me some pointers on how to get the best from the machine.

My specific questions are:
Within the Linocolor Elite - what are the recommended settings for sharpening, contrast and color profiles.
Is there any source for different film profiles? My scanner seems to have included one for Fuji, one for Kodak but I have no idea what they mean or what they are for or if they make a difference.
Is the Silverfast software worth the expense.

So far I am making my scans with the sharpening turned off and the default contrast curves and very pleased actually with the results. I read that the optical resolution of the scanner was only 2400 dpi so that's what I'm making the scans at. Any advice?

Thanks in advance,