Thanks Bryan,

The lens I ordered is serial # 7,xxx,xxx. According to Schneider, that serial # corresponds to a manufacturing date of around 1962 when I checked their lens info. I noticed that the lenses you are showing have serial #s 2,xxx,xxx, which date to around 1949-1950 (this information is listed also in Kerry Thalmann's article on Schneider Lenses Part 2 of 2 in the January-February 2003 issue of VIEW CAMERA Magazine). So I suspect that the 40.5mm lens thread will correspond with my lens. Just waiting for FED EX to deliver it. According to the FED EX website, they got my lens into their Phoenix office Monday morning 05:34AM and are just today delivering it to me. 4 days to drive 2 hours (from Phoenix to Sedona, Arizona). OK, enough ranting.

Thank you everyone for helping me; I appreciate all of your responses and information.