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Thread: Stupid question about lever clamps?

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    Re: Stupid question about lever clamps?

    If the mounting plate runs front to back, which would be typical for a LF Camera, I most often have the lever release on the right hand side when looking from the back of the camera. When I attach/remove the camera I normally use my left hand to steady the top of the camera and my right hand to lift it.

    Both Canham and Arca Swiss LF cameras work very well with lever clamps.

    An interesting alternative is the "Novoflex Q=Base". It has a spring loaded clamp that closes when the camera is set into it. The clamp is then locked by a large ring running around the periphery of the clamp. Unfortunately they made it with the clamp's channel off center. So your camera doesn't sit perfectly centered over the tripod head.

    For a DSLR I'm not consistent whether the lever is in front or back. I use a DSLR to take interior pictures of homes ( and I most often have the camera positioned in the corner without room to stand behind it. Everything is adjusted while standing in front of the camera, and then the shutter tripped remotely. When I'm out wandering around taking pictures I most often have the lever release at the back of the camera because I'm normally standing behind the camera.


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    Re: Stupid question about lever clamps?

    Just do what works best for you. I don't think there is any right or wrong. In many cases, I like to have the knob on the side so I can support the camera with my right hand, and release the clamp with my left hand. It all comes down to personal preference.

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