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Thread: Anyone use a Berlebach 8023 with an 8x10?

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    Re: Anyone use a Berlebach 8023 with an 8x10?

    The 8x10 KMV weighs 13lb. Add a lens and your'e talking 16-17 lb. So choose a tripod with a rated weight of at least 20lb. We used a long-discontinued Quick-Set "Samson" for the KMV we had at Kodak, or sometimes a Majestic.

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    Re: Anyone use a Berlebach 8023 with an 8x10?

    Majestic tripds are sturdy and cheap enough used, the trick is to find one with a 3/8 camera screw! Way more economical than a Ries. I should know, I have 3 Ries! L

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    Re: Anyone use a Berlebach 8023 with an 8x10?

    Quote Originally Posted by mdarnton View Post
    Are you sure you got that right and you didn't get your units mixed up? I could see 10 pounds for the Master View, but 10KG is 22 pounds, and not even the Calumet C1 approaches that.
    Oh the C1, yeah, I've worked in studios with those. I think I still have some scars from getting hooked on the sharp edges.

    You are right though, the master view is about 10 lbs not 10Kg!!!

    The 8023 Ries is rated 10kg or 21lbs. So I should look for a lightweight tripod that can do 29'ish pounds?

    I think my Bogen is a 3047 or something like that. I usually carry it over my shoulder. I was thinking of getting a pic of the "Hollywood" sign and then I was like "yeah, no, not with that Bogen....

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    Re: Anyone use a Berlebach 8023 with an 8x10?

    The Berlebach Report 2 stage tripod is rated to 26 lbs. I have one, no center column. It's pretty sturdy with a Deardorff v8 and an ordinary 12" lens, which should be similar to your KMV. I use a Gitzo 3 way head on it or no head at all. Mine has the leveling ball. I think it's a good value and not that heavy to carry around.

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