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Thread: Set-up to photograph for sale / auction

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    Re: Set-up to photograph for sale / auction

    +1 for sheets.
    or black blankets.

    Natural wood works nice, a sheet or two of birch ply for example.

    An open door for light and a tripod for greater depth of field.
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    Re: Set-up to photograph for sale / auction

    if there's photo store in your area, a roll of white seamless goes a long way and what I use. often times it's window light. otherwise a large white sheet will work. you can press the wrinkles out or bunch it up for that look
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    Re: Lol!

    Quote Originally Posted by AtlantaTerry View Post
    LOL! I totally missed what Jac was asking about! PRODUCT shots, not people shots. DUH on my part!
    I thought he was trying to sell his cameras at a backyard auction

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    I use a folding table that has a white plastic top with a sheet (32x40") of foamcore for the backdrop. The table is 30 inches wide, plenty for most of what I need to photograph, serves a number of other purposes and stows behind a bookcase when not in use.

    The lighting is just natural window light, there is a window behind me and one to the right in the room I use. I control the light with the horizontal blinds, the light from behind (main light, if you will) is bounced off of the ceiling. The camera I use is a Canon Rebel, the lens is a 15-85mm. There isn't a lot of light, the exposures are usually from 3 to 15 seconds at ISO 800 and f/22, a tripod is always used, obviously.

    After final cropping and some cleanup in PhotoShop, I have an image that is as good as 99% of what you will see on eBay, etc. I've used this setup several thousand times (sometimes with some modifications) for cameras, computers, motorcycle parts and guitars.

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    Re: Set-up to photograph for sale / auction

    I agree with the 53" roll of white seamless paper, 2-stands, crossbar (maybe a 2x2), and a table. You can use sheets and other stuff, of course, but then you'll be cutting the product out in Photoshop. It's not hard, but it does add time.

    I have a light tent, and it works great from smaller objects, but would be a bit of a pain with studio cameras, and you don't need a white tent for that kind of thing.
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    Re: Set-up to photograph for sale / auction

    Mines pretty simple and straight forward. Photos are a little rough.

    This basic design can be made to any reasonable size. The base in the photos is 3/4" particle supported on two saw horses.

    What makes for excellent cloth material is artists canvas. It's inexpensive, durable, and it's relatively heavy. The piece shown is 60" wide and cost me about $5 or $6 several years ago. If it gets dirty, turn it over.

    Two Lowel lights work well for lighting.

    Years ago, we purchased a Canon G12. With its articulated screen, it works very well for photographing items for sale.

    All of this was very easy to construct and can be torn down when not in use.
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