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Thread: Why not just call it an Inkjet Print?

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    Why not just call it an Inkjet Print?

    The thread this was asked in got a bit out of hand but I feel the question is important.

    None of the inkjet printers answered the question in the Giclee thread: Why not just call them Inkjet prints?"

    I would like to hear the answer. This is not a troll, nor is it a compare digital vs. Traditional thing.

    I think there are others who want to know the answer as well.

    Personally I think there is nothing wrong with calling an inkjet an inkjet. But then again I don't do serious work on a computer so maybe I am missing something.

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    Why not just call it an Inkjet Print?

    I doubt if you'll get a definitive answer to this question.

    But I agree with you.

    As I said in my post in the last thread:

    " What's the matter with just calling them ink jet prints? There's nothing wrong with well-produced ink jet prints. You can always specify how long the print will last if you want.

    If you need to get fancy, why not call them "dye prints" or "pigment prints", depending on the type of printer used?"

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    Why not just call it an Inkjet Print?

    I don't think it's a digital vs. traditional thing at all. I think it's a marketing thing.

    One of the reasons people spend big dollars on art is to purchase something that is unique, that has the mark of the hand of the artist on it. Even photographic prints done by hand are individually unique.

    The public perception of inkjet printers is such that it can be difficult for a layman to understand how a professional artist can be printing their work on the same machine that the consumer has in their home office. The distinction between different types and qualities of different printers is lost on them. An inkjet print is one that they can do at home. Why spend big money for that?

    In my experiences, most of life seems to be about marketing. If I can convince you that the print I am selling is 'special', made by some exotic process, you'll pay more for it. If I tell you I printed this at my computer at home, by a process that you are familiar with, the value is lessened in your eyes. (figuratively 'your')

    Most people don't understand or know about photographic or artistic processes, and that's the way they like it. When you introduce something familiar by calling it an inkjet print, suddenly they are on familiar ground and unimpressed.

    My two cents....


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    Why not just call it an Inkjet Print?

    Why not just call them Inkjet prints?

    I thought I had answered that pretty clearly over in the other thread.

    Just to make it completely clear, that's exactly what I call them. If I need a more specific thing to call them, I call them "Ultrachrome inkjet prints on Epson Ultrasmooth paper", which is about as specific as it's possible to get without going into chemical compositions and trade secrets.

    And, despite all the fuss about it, I don't personally know any photographers who call their inkjet prints any of the following: Giclee, carbon prints, platinum giclee prints, digital platinum prints, or any of the other weird things that everyone is complaining about. I don't doubt that, somewhere, these people exist. It just turns out I've never met them.

    But, to answer your question specifically, I don't see any reason not to call them inkjet prints. It seems like a perfectly good name to me.

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    Why not just call it an Inkjet Print?

    Why not just call them "prints?"
    Wilhelm (Sarasota)

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    Why not just call it an Inkjet Print?

    I answered it, I thought, in the very first response long before you even asked it:

    "I just refer to mine as "Archival Ink" prints. I never say injet or Giclee just like I never said "Silver Projection" or "Gelatin Silver Enlargements" or some silliness like that for silver prints or "Contact Printed P/P". Inkjet or Giclee is part of the mechanics of producing the print not WHAT IS ON THE PRINT."

    Print type names USUALLY (not always) refer to the material that makes up the image i.e. silver gelatin or P/P rather than the mechanical process that was involved. Its ink on the paper not inkjet on paper just like it is silver gelatin not silver enlargement or P/P contact print.

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    Why not just call it an Inkjet Print?

    I call them Ink jet prints , printed on a epson9600 using ultrachrome inks. If my client asks me are they giclee prints I answer Yes that is another term for these prints using this process. An intern at my lab is from France and breaks out laughing every time giclee term is used. Apparently this refers to ejaculate in French.

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    Why not just call it an Inkjet Print?

    Well, I guess I won't be mentioning "giclee" around any French customers. LOL

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    Why not just call it an Inkjet Print?

    I don't do any digital printing - but Bob's answer has me laughing!!!!!
    Eric Biggerstaff

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    Why not just call it an Inkjet Print?

    Well, I guess I won't be mentioning "giclee" around any French customers. LOL

    Unless the customer is in a little black number....then who knows, you might get luckier that you thought... :-)

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