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Thread: Tripod head for 8x10

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    Re: Tripod head for 8x10

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter De Smidt View Post
    I prefer a Gitzo Series 5 low-profile pan/tilt head for 8x10 field cameras. This video shows a series 3 head, but the same thing work with a series 5, and it's even more effective if you can use two tripod screws:
    Thanks Peter, I want to try the Gitzo Series 5 low-profile as it looks solid and not that different in terms of workflow to the Manfrotto 410 I used up until now

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    Re: Tripod head for 8x10

    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Kadillak View Post
    . . . I find the three way individual control arm heads such as the Manfrotto 3039 to be the easiest and most efficient for me.
    Currently designated as the 229, I've used this head for years. It has the advantage of being a quick-release system that use Manfrotto's hexagonal plates. With a maximum capacity of 26 lbs, this head would have no problem supporting your light-weight 9 lbs camera.

    No longer made, a 3297 4"x4" plate that's compatible with the 3039 would be the ideal plate for your field 8x10.

    They're hard to find, but well worth the effort. In the meantime, the regular hexagonal plate would work acceptably well.

    Another possibility is the 030UNIV universal plate that's also been discontinued.

    They're easier to find than the 3297.

    I tried all three on my now sold Deardorff V8. While the standard hexagonal plate works OK, I preferred the increased surface area of the other two plates.

    I've had a couple of the low-profile, Series 5 heads, and they're a pain to use. They provide good support. But, it's awkward having to screw the camera onto the head each time.

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    Re: Tripod head for 8x10

    Thanks Neil!
    Your experience is very precious!

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    Re: Tripod head for 8x10

    Hello from France, Sergio!

    Since now Manfrotto and Gitzo belong to the same European group I'll not comment on the relative merits of one against the other on a US-based forum "You need both", Manfrotto, AND Gitzo"

    I second Peter de Smidt's advice, and I'll add that in France, used alumin(i)um series 4 or series 5 Gitzo tripods can be found ocasionnally, are rock-solid, and spare parts are available if necessary.
    The low-profile series 5 3-way head Ref. 1570 is still available as new, I prefer the low-profile ones to the classical "têtes Gitzo rationnelles" which are higher. I have the smaller 1370 (now discontinued), suitable for a 4x5" but probably not for a 8x10" camera.

    What I like very much with the GItzo 3-way head is the ultra-large, so comfortable platform covered with cork, able to take almost anything with a 1/4" or 3/8" screw.
    Gitzo has on catalogue very convenient brass screw with large "ears", I have both the 1/4" and the 3/8". Those screws are an absolute must-have!
    Good luck!

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