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Thread: Through the lens metering

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    Re: Through the lens metering

    On the subject of spot or average meter readings with the through the lens meter.
    I have explored the idea of placing lots of small solar cells in patterns then activating some of them and deactivating others to form a spot or average meter. There lies madness. If you wish to explore this area of metering i suggest that you make black card cutout masks to cover and uncover parts of the solar cell. Make sure that the area of the cutout portion is the same for every configuration you wish to try. Because some cells of the solar cells will now be covered you will need to recalibrate yor lux table. See previous article

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    Re: Through the lens metering

    When i first started messing about with the idea of building a through the lens meter the reasons for it were to more fully understand the effects of bellows extension on exposure, the effects of homemade filters and homemade lenses.
    Bellows extension
    Using the meter it is very simple to measure the light dropoff as the bellows extends. For example my 150mm lens needs about half a stop extra exposure at full extension.
    Homemade filters
    It is very easy to measure light reduction from a homemade filter giving cheap access to all sorts of filter gels.
    Homemade lenses
    I am making lenses from old binocular parts combined with shutters from old bellows cameras (plenty of these on ebay) the problem is that the iris does not match the lens. For example if i set f8 on the iris it is incorrect. Using the through the lens meter an accurate exposure can be easily measured.

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    Re: Through the lens metering

    John, you've reinvented Horseman's exposure meter and the reasons for using it. See

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    Re: Through the lens metering

    I am definitely interested. That sounds fantastic!!

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