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Thread: Finally got a "Texas Leica"!

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    Re: Finally got a "Texas Leica"!

    Karl's right. It bothered me a bit st first, but the workaround is ni problem. If it a really long expisure, just advance the fim winding lever.
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    Re: Finally got a "Texas Leica"!

    On the Fuji pressing the shutter release on T only locks the shutter open. To get the shutter to close you either have to change the shutter speed or wind on (in most cases it would be advisable to have something covering the lens before touching the camera, of course.)

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    Re: Finally got a "Texas Leica"!

    Okay, I wasn't sure if this convoluted procedure is how Fuji expected you to do long exposures on this thing.

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    Re: Finally got a "Texas Leica"!

    Does anyone know of a similar camera that is not so big? Other 645 rangefinders all use batteries. I guess if the GW690 is too big I could jump to a TLR.
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    Re: Finally got a "Texas Leica"!

    The folding Zeiss Ikonta cameras are quite good, but no wide angle lenses.


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