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Thread: Recommended lodging at Grand Teton NP?

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    Recommended lodging at Grand Teton NP?

    There's the possibility of a trip to the park but my fellow travel ain't a camper (a baaad start if you ask me, but I thought I'd ask just the same!)
    Since back packing isn't in the cards are there photo opportunities close to the road at GTNP?
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    Re: Recommended lodging at Grand Teton NP?

    Have twice stayed with my family at Colter Bay in the cabins, and really liked them both times. Somewhat rustic, which I liked.

    Plenty of photo opportunities not far from the road - even from the road. I think GTNP is far more scenic than nearby Yellowstone, but if you are going to GTNP you might as well see both.


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    Re: Recommended lodging at Grand Teton NP?

    If you can get a good home equity loan ( ), stay at the Jackson Lake Lodge.

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    Re: Recommended lodging at Grand Teton NP?

    Yellowstone is utterly amazing, but the Tetons are transcendent--from the Jackson Hole/Jackson Lake side. 25 miles apart on the Rockefeller Parkway.
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    Re: Recommended lodging at Grand Teton NP?

    There's a smallish place nearby - - that has cabins as well as an RV park. You'll have to decide if the cost is within your budget - it seems high to me, but the area isn't exactly cheap. We stayed at the RV park (with a rented trailer through RVShare) a couple of weeks ago. The wifi is great (can't say that about the KOA at West Yellowstone) and it's run by a family; very friendly. Within easy walking distance, there are two restaurants - one Italian, one ?BBQ? The latter wasn't open yet when we were there, but the Italian place was really good. The fireside is a few miles outside of Jackson and it's an easy drive from it into the park. There are definitely plenty of shots without walking more than 50 yards from the car.
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