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Thread: Compagnon "the backpack" for Linhof Technika equipment: recommendable?

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    Question Compagnon "the backpack" for Linhof Technika equipment: recommendable?

    Mostly I carry my Linhof Master Technika Classic equipment (in addition to the camera: Super Symmar HM 120, Apo-Sironar S 180, spotmeter, a few film backs, film, Silvestri 6x loupe, cable release, Paramo dark cloth, Gitzo 2542 w/ Markins QT3, including a changing bag occasionally as well as pen and paper) in a BW 5000 case with a backpack carrying system. The case and photo insert are great to work out of, however, dragging the whole lot along 20km of trail can be a little cumbersome.

    Does anyone of you have experience with Compagnon "the backpack" (, and whether this would improve portability of the mentioned (or similar) set-up? I called someone at Compagnon the other day but they do not seem to be familiar with LF gear.

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    Re: Compagnon "the backpack" for Linhof Technika equipment: recommendable?

    I guess I'm to late for OP, but perhaps someone else will find it useful.

    My Compagnon arrived yesterday. I wanted a backpack that would swallow my 5x7, three cassettes and at least one extra lens. The problem was that I also wanted a backpack that was not made in black nylon. This combination seemed almost impossible to find, until I found Compagnon.

    Fits a 5x7 VDS (with lens mounted), a Fujinon 90 SW mounted on lens plate, Fujinon 400 T mounted on lens plate, three 5x7 cassettes and I put the focus cloth in the laptop compartment.

    It's a bit on the heavy side, but I have not tried it in the field yet.

    The materials and construction is great - thick leather, great hardware, heavy waxed cotton - but then again it should be considering the price, which I find to be a bit over the top... Stuff made in western Europe tend to be a bit pricey though.
    I paid full price for this, and was not asked to do any review.

    We're going out in a few hours, looking forward to seeing how The Backpack will perform!

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    Re: Compagnon "the backpack" for Linhof Technika equipment: recommendable?

    Konig makes the backpack that Linhof sells for their cameras. Check them out.

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