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Thread: I wimped out...

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    Re: I wimped out...

    I gave the shotgun sling a good test today, and it worked like a dream!
    Oh, I got a cheap dog collar from Dollar Store to keep the legs together---it was the smallest one they had and a nifty electric blue color.
    The padding on the shotgun sling was a joy though! I lugged it from the Lewis Creek trailhead on 41 down to a couple of locations at Corlieu Falls then back up.
    Definitely a thumbs up for this one!
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    Re: I wimped out...

    The older version of Manfrotto's shoulder strap have a 3/8" stud with a swivel that screw into the top of the tripod. I've used one with 3 different tripods now for 25 years or so.

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    Re: I wimped out...

    I have, in the past, bought camera bags at a Pawn Shop for low bucks. sometimes just for the dividers or the straps.

    Here in Houston, Collector's Firearms has a bargain grab bag with used rifle cases, holsters and straps at clearance prices (you can sometimes negotiate the price down).

    For moving around my wooden tripod, I have trussed up the legs with nylon dog collars and snapped the swivel clips of an old hippie-style camera strap to the rings on each collar.
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    Re: I wimped out...

    Great idea! I have one similar for my old double barrel shotgun. Now have a new use for it.


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