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Thread: New Ultra-Light Chamonix 810 Camera

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    New Ultra-Light Chamonix 810 Camera

    Hi everyone,

    Our new ultra-light 810 model is coming out in mid July.

    It is a horizontal only format and you have to turn the camera 90 degrees for vertical shots. The name of the camera is 810 Alpinist.

    Here are some numbers:

    weight: 2,460 grams without the ground glass cover
    max bellows without extension rack: 570mm, 700mm with extension rack
    min bellows: 60mm
    front rise: 72mm, front fall: 53mm, front shift: 50mm on each side
    rear swing: 10 degrees on each side
    rear tilt: 30 degrees
    folded size: 355mm x 270mm x 97mm
    price: $3,500 plus $115 EMS shipping

    I will post some pictures next month in our website when it comes out.


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    Re: New Ultra-Light Chamonix 810 Camera

    Excellent design. Thanks for the update Hugo.

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