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Thread: Custom dark cloth

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    Custom dark cloth

    Last week I picked up the custom dark cloth the local tailor made for me. The design is based of that by Fred Newman (BTZS dark cloth) and to a lesser extent of the BlackJacket. All in all cost me 47.50 EUR.
    Next time I should look for lighter fabrics, but it isn't too bad at 340 g given its size I think.

    It is has two layers: a light tight blue one (this is the heavy fabric) and a thin layer of white parachute fabric. This is water repellent and make that I can also use it as a rain cover for light rain and short showers.

    I am looking forward to give it a try this weekend. Any comments are welcome !

    And if you are interested in the design choices, you can read more about those here.


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    Re: Custom dark cloth

    Nice. I like your site too. I'll follow along.

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