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Thread: Truck drivin out west

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    Re: Truck drivin out west

    Quote Originally Posted by xkaes View Post
    Take the most beautiful road in the US -- UTAH Route 12 ( It runs from Bryce Canyon NP to Capitol Reef NP. I first drove it when it was a dirt road. Now it is a wide, paved road. No problem for a 15' truck -- except that you will want to stop every five minutes to take pictures!

    Uhhhh, makes that every TWO minutes!
    I agree that Route 12 (and then Route 24 through Capital Reef) is an awesome drive. But I think you would do better to not try to shoe-horn it into a few extra hours. Do it when you have time to enjoy the drive and explore the area.


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    Re: Truck drivin out west

    You have tons of slot canyons and thousands of wonderful visual distractions. It just feels like a v. frustrating trip IMO.
    I've spend 70 days in SW few years back....and I feel I need another 70 . I'd concentrate on 2-3 good stops....and the
    rest will just have to wait till you can check out more thoroughly. Enjoy.


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