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Thread: New Book by Merg Ross

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    LF/ULF Carbon Printer Jim Fitzgerald's Avatar
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    Re: New Book by Merg Ross

    Merg, all I can say is "stunning!" Thanks for doing this book. It should be in every serious photographers library. I'm still trying to absorb it all.

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    Dave Karp
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    Re: New Book by Merg Ross

    The text is quite enjoyable. I can only imagine myself or my kids setting out alone at such a young age for a cross-continental trip to meet such luminaries! The photos are wonderful. I am so glad to own this book.

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    Re: New Book by Merg Ross

    My copy arrived yesterday, I didn't want to set it down, to write this post!
    Truly wonderful!
    Real cameras are measured in inches...
    Not pixels.

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    Jim Graves
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    Re: New Book by Merg Ross

    What a great book ... a fascinating life history and the photos that resulted. An easy read with eye candy ... thoroughly enjoyed it.

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    Re: New Book by Merg Ross

    "Beyond Casual Vision" was published in celebration of my 76th birthday, and sixty-plus years as a photographer. My belated thanks to those who have kindly commented here, and to those who have written me personally. Hearing from my fellow exhibitors of decades ago has been an unexpected treat, and recalls the significance of an earlier time. There are still a few of us left!

    It is especially gratifying to see the book announced on this forum, which has provided me with knowledge and friendships over many years. It has been the ideal meeting place to discuss, share, agree, and civily disagree on various aspects of photography.

    With gratitude and best wishes,

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    Re: New Book by Merg Ross

    I checked the Chronology section of "Beyond Casual Vision" and tomorrow is Merg's 76th.
    Happy birthday Merg.

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