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Thread: Print Reproduction for High Quality Viewing

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    Re: Print Reproduction for High Quality Viewing

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter De Smidt View Post
    Just shoot tethered via Capture 1.
    I agree. I also like the Capture One software for most editing. If you like Nikons, the D750 has a tillable screen that may be useful.

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    Re: Print Reproduction for High Quality Viewing

    Another vote for the Nikon D800E. I have two of them, and am very pleased.

    The 36 Megapixel resolution gives you amazing results. It's the same as my Hasselblad CFV-39.

    I suggest using a long focal length lens, like 105 micro or 200 micro, to increase working distance.
    Those also reduce the angle of coverage, so you have less light fall-off toward the edges.
    Yes, ALL lenses have light fall-off as you diverge from the optical axis.

    - Leigh
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    Re: Print Reproduction for High Quality Viewing

    Regarding the Canon software, my experience was smooth and painless with Windows 7, both installation and operation. The Canon support webpage offers all the system software including the image editor and remote tether applications Digital Photo Professional and EOS Utility, this is what I use and have found to be reliable. There is an additional item, Imagebrowser, which I do not use because it is aggressive in taking over the default windows picture library, I found this out the hard way :-( I wonder if this was the item that caused a problem with instability? The Canon installation software allows a choice of the items to be installed and I recommend omitting Imagebrowser.

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    Re: Print Reproduction for High Quality Viewing

    Sorry I wan't clear - the big problems I had were from installing Capture 1. It was quite a battle but it now seems to be working OK.

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