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Thread: DeVere 504 Dichromat Filter set up - help needed please

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    Re: DeVere 504 Dichromat Filter set up - help needed please

    I have been fortunate in being able to contact a gentleman who actually built and serviced these beasts.
    he has written this to me:

    "Thanks for your enquiry with regard to your problem the shutter was introduced to the Devere twin lamp lightsources to reduce the after glow of the lamp once the timer has switched the lamp off after a exposure. The solenoid that operates the shutter could be the problem or the power supply itself which had a separate supply for the solenoid.
    Unfortunately I do not have a solenoid but maybe the best option would be to find a electrician who could tell you if the supply from the stabiliser to the solenoid is ok .

    The shutter system was never that successful and I have seen quite a few 500W lightsource where the shutter has been disconnected."

    he then added...

    "From memory there was a small transformer that supplied power to the solenoid and I think depending how old your system is they were located in the voltage stabiliser box or in the lightsource itself but you would need to take the side casting off to get access. I think you could use the system for B/W photography with no problem without the shutter working. It was only a problem when used in conjunction with a motorised roll easel where multiple exposures where used.
    Good luck with the machine."

    I thought I'd post it in case any other fellow forum member who own a 504 are interested.
    i will check what he mentions but if it is too much trouble to fix it I will follow his advice and just leave it open all the time.

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    Re: DeVere 504 Dichromat Filter set up - help needed please

    Great post, thanks for the info! Kind of why I've always avoided enlarger heads with built in shutters. Just one more thing to go wrong and not necessary for B&W! Thank goodness the 5108 head never had one! Something to be said for a 120 volt head.

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    Re: DeVere 504 Dichromat Filter set up - help needed please

    Hmmm... that's good feedback almostpilot. Well, unless there are there different versions of the devere twin lamp 504 then we know the transformer isnt in the lightsource, and must be in the power supply. Id give it whirl... maybe pop open the power supply (insert the `Im not an electrician' disclaimer) and put a meter on the transformer to see if your getting power when switched.. (be careful and use common sense if you do). If you are , then it's the solenoid and it might be worth taking a closer look at it. Up to you. Either way, your no worse off than Luis was at point A. And who knows ... if you get it working you might find it useful if you decide to print color. Good luck and keep us updated either way. Its follow up like this that makes this site valuable.

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    Re: DeVere 504 Dichromat Filter set up - help needed please

    Final update, as requested.
    I did not have an "expert" at hand and myself was not able to figure out the electrical workings of the shutter.
    So after being told by the man who built these beasts (see previous posts) that I might as well keep it open at all times without adverse effects I have done just that.
    Happy to say everything else working well now. Many thanks to all who helped me on this issue, it has been a bit of a slog but very happy to finally get there in the end.
    STILL very very unhappy with the way the packages were treated by the dreadful DPD Courier company. And their customer service... a disgrace. Never again! If you are in the UK and need stuff sent abroad, do not use DPD. (They seem ok for transport within UK).
    That's it from me on this issue.
    Over and out!

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    Re: DeVere 504 Dichromat Filter set up - help needed please

    Here are a few pics of my DeVere 504 Dichromat MK-V Twin lamp model.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_4669.jpg 
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ID:	170481Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_4670.jpg 
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Name:	IMG_4673.jpg 
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Name:	IMG_4672.jpg 
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