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Thread: Making a custom dark cloth?

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    Re: Making a custom dark cloth?

    mine is a big sheet of black felt.
    been using it ( or one of its cousins )
    for 30 years. i am glad to see that folks
    are supporting their local dark cloth manufacturers
    ( is danial stone still making stuff like that )
    and their local person of the cloth / tailor/seamstress
    ... where's kirk douglass' dad when you need him !

    a local tailor made me a new bag for a graflex bag-mag, it was the
    best $$ i ever spent on LF accessories ..

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    Re: Making a custom dark cloth?

    I work with a homemade one, its size is 56" x42" i use it with 4x5,5x7 and 8x10 and have enough to cover the camera back and myself with comfort.
    Constructed out of corduroy fabric (without the ridges like pants are made out of)
    it is also two pieces sewn together along its edges, one piece is black which is totally light tight on it's own, another side made of same material is red.
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    Re: Making a custom dark cloth?

    I forgot about this thread, but I just posted the one I picked up last week on this forum.
    This thread in specific.


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